Ministry Of Education has been drawn to a plan by some private schools



The attention of the Lagos state Ministry Of Education has been drawn to the plans by some private schools in the state to resume academic activities for the third term of the 2019/2020 session by online teaching. This is with effect from Monday, 27th April,2020.

As we are already aware, the state is presently on lockdown imposed by the Federal Government over Covid-19 pandemic. The Ministry regards the “resumption” by schools as a strategy for ensuring that students continue to learn while the school while the school calendar continues as planned.

Please note that the Third term resumption remains postponed until directives to the contrary.

Most schools are charging for this online services; often at a discount on existing tuition fees while some schools are charging full fees.

Parents are concerned about the cost to them of this programme, ranging from fees charged by schools to cost of data and devices as well as the cost of fueling generators to ensure steady electricity power supply. Parents also have to supervise online teachings to guard against the exposure of children to pornography, in addition to online harassment and bullying.

The Ministry calls for continuous dialogue between school administrators and parents. We are aware that most parents are not working and earning money at the moment. We are also aware that schools continue to incur costs as teachers and other members of the staff have to be paid for providing Online teaching. Furthermore, the schools, in some cases, will have to purchase devices for teachers and provide them with data to prepare for the daily teaching activities.

In view of the aforementioned, we ask that schools consult extensively with parents and find a win-win solution that will be acceptable to all stakeholders.

The Ministry wishes to state categorically that all schools in Lagos State remains closed and have not yet been opened for the third term.

Thank you!

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