We are pleased to inform the general public, that OJCA Post UTMe Global classes have commenced for this year academic session. Thus, starting from today, we will be incredibly Focused, working as one Family & ensuring that every candidate is admitted in this academic session.

We will talk about the Indispensable changes some of you must make in your Courses & Institutions of choices if you must be admitted this season.

OJCA instructors will proceed to explain how you can be helped to secure Admission and to insist that you need not worry much over your UTME SCORE; even with your 140 scores.

We will be telling you everything you need to know in order to secure admission this session.

According to OJCA ICT unit on complaint services, we have received several complaints from Students who missed admission owing to ignorance, carelessness & wrong counselling by different individuals.

We urge you all, as not to allow such to happen again.

We guided thousands of Nigerian Students to super success in the UTME till date, as such we will also mitigate and exercise our official conducts in ensuring that everyone here is admitted to there prospective institutions.

▪️We will carry everyone along.
▪️We have the strategy,
▪️We have the passion, & we also have the appropriate contacts to help those who are in serious situations.

Best of Wishes!!

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